Fish Facts

Operating since 2009 Gulfish has been a professional chefs go to partner for the best of US wild caught Gulf Seafood... 

And while our heart and soul still live on the shores of Gulf Coast waters you will find a quality selection of fresh fish, shellfish, and specialty seafood from many locales direct from the fishermen we think do it best...  

While our seafood is available to buy for next day delivery (Place your order before 10am PST for next day delivery)  it is best to try and give us 1-3 day notice as UPS and other carriers do experience delays from weather and especially current volumes due to the ongoing Pandemic...

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 Orders are cut and packed by hand by our crew in modern ultra-clean coolers and shipped cold with cold packs and insulated Seafood specific packaging to make sure that your order arrives chilled and in pristine condition. 

How to handle and store your Seafood order 

Gulfish goes the extra mile to assure you receive the best quality and freshest seafood possible.  

 Here are a few pro tips on how to get the most out of your purchase. 


 Seafood is highly perishable ...if mishandled shelf life can be greatly reduced...All products should be refrigerated immediately upon receiving them. 

Fish have bones...Even fillets can have a bone so be sure to inspect you fish closely before preparing and consumption. 

Fresh Fish  

Unwrap your seafood...whole fish should be washed in cold water and patted dry inside and out to get rid diminish any of the natural occurring bacteria that all food contains.  

(Pro tip...We will always gut the fish for you but if you ever receive it uncleaned immediately open the bely and remove all entrails and bits and wash thoroughly with cold water)  

Wrapped fish should be stored in the coldest part of the refrigerator, (cold is the fishes best friend) f

Fish is best when freshest so fire up the kitchen but handled properly fish can remain excellent for up to 3 days (at home I rinse and change the wrapping daily if not using) 

(Pro tip... Whole fish can be packed directly in ice for 2-4 days...put that beer cooler to use) 

 In a professional kitchen fish fillets are wrapped tightly in plastic in the same manner as whole fish and placed over crushed ice... but at home set them in a shallow pan in the coldest corner of the fridge for best results. Fish Fillets should not come in direct contact with the ice itself.Sustained direct contact with ice and water could ruin the color, texture and flavor of your fish...Dont do it! 

 Freezing Seafood 

Fresh Fish & Fillets can be frozen if needed but the sooner the better. Rinse and dry the fish and then vacuum seal and freeze ASAP!  Freezer bags are acceptable for short term storage but make srue to get as much air out of the bag as possible of you will open the bag and freezer burned fish...only you should burn the fish...never the freezer! 

 Fish can last 3-4months in theory but after 2-3 weeks properly frozen you begin to lose texture and flavor (Pro Tip...Vacuum sealing is key to freezing for longer periods)  

 To thawout slower is much better...  1-2 days in the frige is best...thawing under cold water is ok but “DO NOT thaw at room temperature or in a microwave as it will diminish quality”. 

  Also fresh Shellfish tend not to freeze well so heat them and eat them! 

Fresh and Live Shellfish and Live Lobsters 

 Live Lobsters ...Immediately store in your Refrigerator covered under damp towels or newspaper. Do not store lobsters in fresh water or ice as they will die quickly. Do not store in air tight containers or bags as this usually kills them too. Live Lobsters should be cooked within 24 hours...You can cook them and then eat them later as a delicious chilled salad, Lobstah Roll...ect 

 Clams... Clams are alive. Toss any clams that have broken or are open (exceptions are soft shell clams “steamers” and Razor Clams they don’t close because of their necks-) Check them to see if the neck reacts when you touch and check for odor. Immediately store in your refigerator under damp towel or newspaper Do not store in fresh water or ice. Do not store in air tight plastic containers or bags. Best Eaten they day you get them..they have a short shelf life! 

 So those are some of the dos and donts. Now enjoy some fresh Seafood with those you love!